Treble Denim – strengthening the social bonds

Treble Denim Blue – stoneware ceramic detail -2020 – Andy Brooke

Returning to life after lockdown involves an ever-increasing pattern of overlapping life shapes and patterns, combinations of over and under, beside and between, distant and closer, safer and less safe, trusting and risky, aimless and purposeful, peaceful and agitated, knowing and unknowing, hopeful and disturbed, relieved and edgy, banal and fantastic, comfortable and prickly, proactive and reactive….yet always moving forward.

Treble Denim Red – 2020 – Andy Brooke

There is human courage in the need for companionship and solid physical connections, which overcomes the fear of potential danger and conflicting advice. We need these connections and meeting points to live fully.

Nine Part Modular Cube, Sol LeWitt, 1977 – Art Institute of Chicago

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